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Produits pour le bien être et la croissance de vos chevaux

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Secure payment

Means of payment

Payment by credit card


To set your orders you have the choice between four different modes of payment:

You can pay with Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, CB and e-credit card cards.

For the security of your payments we use e-transaction payment by credit card from our Bank, Credit Agricole.

With this system, your card payment takes place directly on the secure server of our Bank Credit Agricole. 

At no time your card number, or other confidential data that are attached, we will be communicated. 

Exchanges are encrypted and secured by the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol on the Internet, which has become a global standard and protocol that is used by the major browsers.

For even more security we use 3D secure security system developed by Visa and Mastercard.
This system was designed to prevent fraudulent use of your card by a third party (including theft).

Concretely, during payment, in addition to the numbers usually requested when an online payment (credit card no., date validity and 3 last digits) you will be asked additional information (date of birth, secret code, questions). This additional information varies according to the Bank to which you belong.

Once payment is made you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order and the payment.
We then prepare your order and launch the expedition. Payment by credit card is the fastest payment for your delivery method. 


Payment by Paypal


Once payment is made you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order and your payment.

We then prepare your order and launch the expedition.

The pool of money deposited into your PayPal account payments are conditions of PayPal. PayPal reserves the right to charge or not charge transfers, see you on their terms, in no case Equimondia will not support these charges.


More information about PayPal on


Payment by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is also safe system, it allows you, if you do not check or credit card, to make your purchases online.


A bank transfer is always initiated by the holder of the account to be debited, also known as the transmitter of the transfer or the principal. 
The person who receives the money in his account is called the beneficiary. 

The transfer is performed electronically. 
This operation required for the issuing bank of the specific banking details of the beneficiary account. 

These coordinates on the transfer order, are: 
-the code IBAN (International Banking Account Number) to identify a bank account at the international level 
-the code BIC (Bank Identifier Code) to identify the recipient Bank. 

In France, these information on records of Bank (RIB) and account statements. 
Give your bank details does not expose you to unauthorized samples. Only credit operations are possible without explicit authorization from the account holder. 

After treatment by the banks, the funds transferred are credited to the account of the beneficiary. 
Note: a wire transfer is an irreversible operation. 
Error of the issuer, it is the recipient of the erroneous transfer which must in turn issue a transfer in the other direction.


Bank details:



Bank branch key account number Code code

19106 00832 43626227784 26



Domiciliation: CA worthy 32 25 ARES



International - International Banking Account Number (IBAN) No.

1910 6008 3243 6262 2778 426 FR76

Domiciliation - Bank Identification Code (BIC) AGRIFRPP891